Special biometric passport for aliens

This is a new document – a travel document that will be issued to third-country nationals who have been granted subsidiary protection and who cannot obtain a travel document of the country they are nationals of through no fault of their own.

A special biometric passport for aliens costs HRK 320 plus the administrative fee in the amount of HRK 35.

The administrative fee in the amount of HRK 105 is paid for the issuance of a special biometric travel document for aliens which is to replace a damaged or lost one.

NOTE: The fee in the amount of HRK 320 for a special passport for aliens may also be paid via internet banking, to the state budget account, IBAN HR1210010051863000160, model HR65, reference number: 7005-477-OIB (personal identification number (OIB) of an alien who the fee is being paid for).

Aliens who have not been assigned an OIB will have to enter the following reference number: 7005-477-RKP- file number.