About us

 Welcome to the website of the Republic of Croatia Ministry of the Interior. 

We hope that you will be able to find here all the information you need regarding the responsibilities of the Ministry. The Ministry of the Interior deals with administrative and other tasks related to the following:
  • policing and criminal police activities that involve protection of life and personal security of people and property and the prevention and detection of crime;
  • tracing and capturing of perpetrators of criminal offences and their bringing before the competent authorities;
  • maintaining of public order and the protection of particular persons, citizens, facilities and premises;
  • conducting of technical crime investigations and expert analysis;
  • road traffic safety;
  • state border protection;
  • movement and stay of aliens and their admission;
  • travel documents for crossing the state border;
  • safeguarding at public gatherings;
  • nationality affairs;
  • issuing of identity cards and the registration of residence and sojourn;
  • issuing of driving licences and the registration of motor vehicles;
  • procurement, keeping and carrying of weapons and ammunition;
  • explosive devices and substances;
  • protection of the constitutional order;
  • special police force tasks and the supervision over security agencies.

The Ministry is also responsible for the following: keeping the records and statistics concerning the internal affairs, the internal affairs information system and the education and training of the Ministry’s officers. 

The Ministry is also tackling other matters under a special law.