Police procedures in the event of traffic accidents in which persons sustain severe Injuries

When police officers are informed of a traffic accident in which persons were killed or severely injured, they shall go to the scene of the accident and immediately perform all necessary emergency actions (rendering aid to injured persons, notifying emergency medical services, firefighters, etc.). They shall also perform an inspection of the traffic accident.
If police officers are informed that a person was killed or severely injured in a traffic accident, they shall inform the competent State Attorney’s office about the accident. The State Attorney’s office shall either instruct the police officers to perform the inspection or it shall take over the inspection. In the latter case, the inspection shall be performed with the professional assistance of the police officers.
After the inspection, if there are elements of a criminal offence for which perpetrators may be prosecuted ex officio, a crime report shall be sent to the competent State Attorney’s office. Otherwise, a report shall be delivered.
The report shall include all facts and circumstances ascertained during the inspection and shall list other actions that were undertaken (interviewing witnesses and participants, etc.).
The State Attorney’s office shall, acting upon the report, either order further measures and actions to be performed or reach a State Attorney’s substantive decision for the specific case.
The State Attorney’s office may order additional inspections or certain evidentiary actions to be performed.
If it is ascertained that participants involved a traffic accident committed certain administrative offences pursuant to the Road Traffic Safety Act, those offences shall be sanctioned.