How to report a criminal offence?

How to report a criminal offence?

Criminal offences should be reported to the police, that is, a police administration or a police station.

In case of an emergency which requires a rapid response from the authorities responsible for preventing further harm, obtaining evidence related to the committed criminal offence and identifying the perpetrator or a person who is reasonably suspected of involvement in a criminal offence, you can:
  • contact the police by dialling 192 hotline number or by calling the nearest police station. You may remain anonymous, depending on how you report the criminal offence. More precisely, if you contact the competent police administration/station in writing, you are not obligated to provide any personal data. If you come to the administration/station in person, you are obligated to provide personal data and a record will be made of the information you provide about the criminal offence,
  • inform the police by coming to the nearest police station where a record will be made of the information you provide, or
  • inform a police officer in the area.

The police are available 24/7. Police officers are always nearby and ready to react immediately to any reported criminal offence.

A criminal offence which does not require an immediate reaction may be reported to the police or the State Attorney’s Office in writing.

The police force is a government authority responsible for initiating criminal prosecution for all crimes subject to ex-officio prosecution. As such, it informs the competent State Attorney’s Office of any knowledge regarding criminal offences as soon as possible. The police force is obligated to undertake all legal actions in order to ensure criminal prosecution of all perpetrators and it informs the competent State Attorney thereof.

Through their work, the State Attorney’s Office and the police have the responsibility to build the trust that citizens have in the system’s authorities and their capabilities for preventing negative consequences of criminal offences for the benefit of the whole society.