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International Donors' Conference on humanitarian demining in UkraineThe International Donors’ Conference on Humanitarian Demining in Ukraine was held in Zagreb on 11 and 12 October 2023, with the aim of contributing to decontamination from explosive ordnance (EO) resulting from the Russian aggression against Ukraine 13.10.2023. | Page
Enhancing protection of public spaces and critical infrastructures in the Western BalkansIn order to effectively protect citizens, it is necessary to reduce vulnerabilities of public spaces (PS) and to increase the resilience of critical infrastructure (CI). It is for that purpose that the European Union committed to step up its joint work with the Western Balkans in this field 28.04.2023. | Page
Additionally strengthened Croatian-American cooperation in the combat against illegal drug tradeThe Memorandum on the agreement between the General Police Directorate, Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) was signed at the General Police Directorate
  12.01.2022. | Page
Reaction to the unilateral publication of the CPT Report The Report was published more than one year after the ad hoc visit and after the fulfilment of a large number of recommendations. The arguments presented by the Ministry of the Interior had not been considered 02.12.2021. | Page
Processing traffic offences during border checks for drivers of vehicles registered outside of EU Member States and perpetrators of misdemeanour offences with no permanent residence or permanent stay in the Republic of Croatia If you are driving a vehicle with non-EU license plates and are thinking of leaving Croatia without paying the fine for a committed offence, think twice! The border police has all the data and your offence will be fined during border checks through a new application! 08.09.2021. | Page
The Croatian police did not record any actionsThe Croatian police protects the border from illegal migration and illegal actions, as it is its legal obligation in order to ensure peace and security for its citizens 19.11.2020. | Page
Extended weekend: Traffic at the borders of the Republic of CroatiaAt the beginning of the first extended weekend after the relaxation of epidemiological measures, 112023 applications have been received via the Enter Croatia system so far for 235035 persons who, in addition to meeting the prescribed conditions, have already entered or announced their entry into the Republic of Croatia. 11.06.2020. | Page
Reaction of the Croatian Ministry of the Interior to the article of the British news portal The Guardian Accusations that the Croatian Police humiliated migrants on a religious basis are completely absurd as well as dangerous if we take into consideration that they were published in the month of Ramadan 13.05.2020. | Page