INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCOMMODATION PROVIDERS: How to register aliens on short-term stay

Since 1 January 2016, the procedure for registering aliens on short-term stay with the Ministry of the Interior has changed.

In order to facilitate the procedure of compulsory registration of foreign guests, the Ministry of the Interior has established cooperation with regard to data exchange with the Ministry of Tourism and the Croatian National Tourist Board.

Accordingly, since 1 January foreign guests (except those on charter vessels) are registered through the eVisitor system from which the data, previously contained in the pbsmup.txt file, are automatically and electronically sent to the Ministry of the Interior.

The automatic data exchange will be carried out based on a user name (accommodation unit code – consisting of 9 digits) that will have to be entered when signing into the eVisitor system.

Any mistakes will be visible within the eVisitor system and the system will correct them.

Sending of a pbsmup.txt file via this site was available until 1 January 2016.


Until relevant adjustments are made so that the eVisitor system can accept data on charter guests, their data will have to be entered by sending a file through the application or by directly entering the data into the web application of the Ministry of the Interior. The latter requires new access data which can be obtained by sending an e-mail with one’s user name and subject line: REGISTRATION OF ALIENS-CHARTER VESSELS to the following e-mail address:

In order to eliminate any misunderstandings during vessel control, we recommend you to enter the following data – “date until which the charter vessel will be used”. The date is entered under the “Address” category as the first entry, before entering the address, so as to avoid any changes of the data structure in the file.


PROFIT-MAKING (those who have been issued a decision allowing them to engage in tourism-related activities – natural and legal persons and sole traders)
  • You have to submit a written request to the competent police administration/police station according to the address of your accommodation unit. You also have to enclose the documents containing all the necessary information required to fill in the request.
  • You can also make your request electronically – any natural person who owns an accommodation unit or a responsible person in a legal entity who has opened a personal user message box via e-Građani application (PBS accommodation unit registration). The documents which are electronically submitted into the application used for making a request need to be in a digital form.

NON-PROFIT-MAKING (registering with relatives and friends, foreign owners of accommodation units and others)
  • In person – registering at a competent police administration/police station
  • Electronically – the above listed categories of persons do not have to submit a request for opening a code to the Ministry of the Interior, as their registration is required at a competent tourist board and they have to register their guests via the eVisitor system. The data entered into the eVisitor system will automatically be forwarded to the Ministry of the Interior.


When contacting us, please always indicate your user name (a nine-digit code).


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